To this day, there's nothing I love more than the cuddling up and diving into a good book. As a kid my favorite place was the Orland Park library where i'd bring home AT LEAST two Nancy Drew books to devour every week. It was the idea that you could create an entirely new universe that drew me to writing. Being able to escape to River Heights, Hogwarts, Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, Wonderland, and Never Never Land thrilled me to no end as a child. As I grew older, I found myself shocked by the happenings in Monroeville Alabama, Airstrip One (Formerly Great Britain), Tulsa Oklahoma and 221B Baker Street and then found myself creating new stories for these beloved characters and their adventures. Throughout high school, I continued to write "Fan-fiction" and small short stories of my own.  As I headed off to the University of Missouri, suggested by my favorite english teacher Mr. Maguire nonetheless, I began writing skits and sketches based on my the ridiculous things that can only happen in a middle-of-nowhere Missouri college town, some ended up in Greek life shows, others stay safely hidden in a notebook under my bed.

Near the end of my college career and many english classes later, I found my passion for storytelling that focused on the tiny moments and days in our lives that show how deeply we and each decision we make is ingrained with our vices; our loved ones, addictions, glory days, and regrets.