Festival Circuits - "I'd Know You Forever"

I’d Know You Forever chronicles a day in the life of Eric, a struggling heroin addict when his sister surprises him at his apartment.

Watch the Trailer:

Starring Murphy Mayer as Eric and Ali McGarel as Emerson. 

  • Produced by: 3 AM THOUGHTS Production
  • Writer/Creator: Kristen Tepper
  • Directed By: Layne Marie Williams
  • Assistant Director: Ashley Lackinger
  • DP: Atara Wolf
  • 2nd Camera: Ethan Soo
  • Script Supervisor: Coco Fernandez
  • Sound: Sam Henkels
  • Lighting: Katelyn Zenie
  • Production Assistant: Samantha Rodriguez 
  • Extra: Will Mason
Kristen Tepper